REAL Universal Programming

In order to expand our reach of positive mental health for all, we utilize and adopt evidence-based curriculum to provide students the opportunities to explore important topics including stress and anxiety, healthy relationships, leadership and self-esteem.


We use BrainWise Program in our elementary classrooms to teach students about how to control impulsive behavior, accurately identify choices, assess the consequences of actions, and make responsible decisions. The program is broken down into 10 Wise Ways to teach critical thinking skills that establish links to the executive functions area of the brain. This process requires not only introducing and learning the skills, but also applying and reinforcing them.


The Kelso's Choice program is a conflict resolution curriculum that teaches children the difference between big problems and little problems. This interactive program uses a puppet, videos and posters to help students stop and use problem solving strategies to work through their conflicts.


We use the Second Step program to help facilitate social-emotional learning. With age-appropriate lessons, the curriculum features catchy songs, fun games, and other engaging activities that develop social-emotional skills. Children learn how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure.


Yes, Kids have stress too! This program helps children learn positive coping strategies to deal with stress, build their resiliency and prevent stress from escalating to distress and anxiety. The program is adaptable for all ages, comprising tools to help create an emotionally-healthy environment in classrooms by promoting self-regulation and effective stress-management skills and strategies. 


The Fourth R is a 15 session program for Jr/Sr high students that promotes healthy youth relationships and targets violence (bullying, peer and dating violence), high risk behaviour and substance abuse among adolescents. During the course of the lessons, students engage in extensive skill development and role-play activities to help develop effective and healthy responses to situations of conflict and violence.


The Mental Health Literacy program is designed for Grade 9 students to learn about mental health issues and detect early signs of mental health problems.