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About Us

The REAL Program began in 2009 as part of a province wide initiative to enhance mental health capacity in schools and communities throughout Alberta. Oyen was selected as one of 37 projects to implement positive mental health programming in its two public schools, Oyen Public School (k-9) and South Central High School (10-12). We have since began offering universal programming in Warren Peers School.

The overall aim of the Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) projects is to increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes pertaining to mental health through education, early intervention and promotion. 


Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) works to promote positive mental health in children, youth, families and individuals in the community who interact with children and youth.

MHCB Objectives

1. To promote positive mental health in children, youth, families and communities by raising awareness, increasing knowledge, building personal skills (such as self-care and self-regulation techniques), developing interpersonal skills and fostering positive community norms (such as support networks, physical and psychological safety).

2. To intervene early by facilitating access to early intervention and treatment services for children, youth, parents and/or caregivers who are at greatest risk of (or are currently experiencing) addition and mental health issues.

3. Improve knowledge of and access to effective and innovative services across the mental health continuum through community collaborative networks with schools, health supports, and community agencies to coordinate and streamline existing services (while identifying and advocating for unmet needs).