REAL Events

REAL Events

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Annual Events:

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we plan a number of classroom presentations and community events throughout the week. Each year we celebrate positive mental health and encourage people to talk about it in order to reduce the stigma that prevents people from getting the help they need. 

CMHA Mental Health Week - Mental Health Week

Pink Shirt Day is celebrated each year to honour the courage of students to stand up to bullying, in other words, being an ‘upstander’,   not a bystander, to bullying behaviors. Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet. Over the month of February, we raise awareness on these issues and give students the tools needed to stand up against bullying and step in when we see it happening



On Sept 10th, communities around the world honour Suicide Prevention Day. We do presentations in classrooms about mental health and the importance of reaching out to individuals suffering from severe mental illness. We also work with our community partners to host a community BBQ where we share these messages in the community.


  • Angel Tree: “Christmas is a time for Giving”

​​Each holiday season, we encourag our school communities to participate in the Angel Tree campaign. The Angel Tree is a program sponsored by FCSS and the Food Bank. Families donated toys and money to buy toys for children on the Angel Tree. 

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